Popular Reality TV star, Chichi disclosed she has never regretted being a stripper, stating it made her who she has become today.

In a video posted on Twitter (X), Chichi exclaimed with excitement that she can never deny being a stripper once and she have no regrets being a stripper because it upgraded her personality and took her out of the slump.


The BBNaija Season 7 housemate disclosed that stripping provided her basic human amenities; feeding, clothing, shelter and other bills were covered.

Cardi B

The reality TV star speaks on how Cardi B has inspired her as the American rapper gives her a shout-out for the second time. She was filled with enthusiastic after the rapper commented on her tweet on the microblogging platform X.

She said,

“She has really inspired my life, she has literally changed my life without even knowing it. Cardi B is someone that made me realized that I can be whoever I wanna be in life… I will never regret ever been a stripper, I will never deny the fact that I used to be a stripper, why would I deny something that took me out of the slump”

She acknowledge that Cardi B has been her source of inspiration in every aspect; she has impacted positivity into her life unknowingly.

Watch Video below,

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