Odumeje otherwise known as Indabosky Bahose, the funny and controversial pastor at his concert held in London wowed the crowd with his exciting stage performance.

The intriguing pastor has been the most talked about Nigerian pastor in recent times due to his power claims and extraordinary deliverance sessions.

Indabosky in his igbotic accent and amusing way of interviewing his congregation has become a darling to netizens who finds him extremely funny and unique.

Recently, in his usual boastful manner, he had mentioned strange words as extraordinary powers he has in his care that works like magic. These ‘powers’ has earned their place in most popular slangs of the period.

Abido Shaker, one of these powers has been made into a song which he produced in the studio with singer Flavour.

Odumeje has further gone to London to hold a concert for his global fans who were enthralled to see him.

In the video contained in this news, he was energetically captured flowing with his booming audience who vibed along to his Abido Shaker song.

It was thrilling to hear and watch Indabosky sing and mouths off uncoordinated but rhyming vocabularies while romping around the stage like an A-level musician.

Lovers of Indabosky prays his new song wins a grammy for Nigeria.


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