Ahead of the highly anticipated rematch against Anthony Joshua scheduled for August 12 at the iconic O2 Arena in London, Dillian Whyte has expressed his frustrations concerning what he perceives as a lack of respect from the boxing establishment.

Their first encounter dates back to 2015, a bout in which Whyte suffered a seventh-round knockout at the hands of Joshua. While Joshua soared to championship glory, Whyte continued to wage wars at the highest echelons of the sport, even daring to challenge Tyson Fury for the coveted WBC championship in 2022.

Presently, ‘The Body Snatcher’ eyes an ascent into title contention, deeming Joshua the ideal adversary to reclaim his status.

During a recent interview with BBC 5, Whyte expressed his disappointment at the lack of recognition, despite being undeniably one of the premier contenders.

“I’m accustomed to life’s ups and downs. It’s disheartening that despite being one of the world’s top fighters, I’m still struggling as if I were at square one. It’s been an arduous journey. The respect I should have earned seems elusive,” he said.

Whyte did not shy away from articulating his discontent over being deprived of the chance to cross gloves with Deontay Wilder during the latter’s reign as WBC champion. More recently, he has expressed dissatisfaction with the promotion leading up to his showdown against WBC holder Tyson Fury. However, Whyte harbors no illusions that even a triumphant conquest of Joshua will suffice to alter the public’s perception of him.

“Even if I conquer Joshua, the respect I rightfully deserve will still elude me. They’ll utter ridiculous claims like, ‘Oh, he was a shadow of himself. He was on the decline. He was this, he was that.’ The nonsense will persist,” Whyte said.

With his sights firmly fixed on the impending rematch, Whyte’s words reflect an unwavering determination to persevere against all odds and showcase his mettle as an elite boxer. Despite the inevitable naysayers who may question his victory, he remains resolute in his quest for excellence. Ultimately, he carries the hope that his performance will reverberate across the boxing world, silencing the doubters and cementing his rightful place among the sport’s elite.

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