Reality TV star and businesswoman Ka3na has seemingly reacted to the society wedding of popular fashion designer Veekee James.

Recall that celebrity stylist Veekee James married her heartthrob Femi over the weekend, and the elaborate wedding became the talk of the town, with many gushing over its details.

BBNaija star, Ka3na reacts

The internet was flooded with videos showcasing the event decorations, cakes, and Veekee James’s numerous outfits, leaving many in awe of the extravaganza, glitz, and glamour.

However, Ka3na appears to have a different opinion about the wedding, as she took to her Instastory to assert that the couple should have invested their resources into their marriage rather than a lavish wedding.

BBNaija star, Ka3na reacts

She also opined that the wedding was staged to please people on social media who don’t genuinely care about her or her wedding.

Although Ka3na, a mother of one, didn’t specifically mention Veekee James in her post, it’s evident she was referring to her.

Read her full post below,

“Honestly, in today’s society, we need to strive for improvement. Expending a significant amount of energy, time, and money on staging a spectacle for individuals who genuinely lack interest, all in the name of a wedding… why not channel those resources into ensuring the success of the marriage, enabling it to endure for 20 years? Then, you can organize a grand carnival to commemorate the union, with your genuine well wishers and beautiful children cheering you on.
Now, that’s what I call a show!”

See below,

BBNaija star, Ka3na reacts



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