A popular actress, Biola Adebayo, has explained the reason behind not having a long courtship with her husband before signing the dotted line.

She stated this while recounting her love story on her YouTube channel. She said, “I realised that we had a lot of things in common. Me and my husband did not court for too long. We got married in less than six months (after we started dating). That was because I knew what I wanted.”

Adebayo added that marrying a Christian was an important consideration in her search for a life partner. She said, “First, I was looking for a believer (Christian). That was utmost for me. I was looking for somebody that lived in Nigeria and was not ready to ‘japa’ (relocate). I got a lot of advances from guys abroad but I did not want to leave Nigeria. My former husband lived abroad. I can speak Hausa, and my husband can speak the language too. We have many things in common. When we finally met, I realised that I could give him a chance. After about two weeks (of knowing each other), we met in person.

Adebayo also stated that she was not desperate about marriage. She added, “I was never desperate about marriage. Rather, I was patiently waiting. I knew the kind of person I wanted, and I knew that God would bring that person in His own time, so I was not bothered.”

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