Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has questioned the rationale behind the sudden increase in the price of eggs.

It’s no secret that Nigeria is currently grappling with inflation, leading to a significant spike in the prices of basic living items.

In light of this, Mercy, in a video shared on her Instagram page, revealed that she was craving tea and decided to buy bread and eggs to complement it.

Actress Mercy Johnson queries

However, she was taken aback by the substantial increase in the prices of both items, attributed to the exchange rate.

She then questioned whether the eggs are imported or if the hens laying the eggs are from abroad.

According to her, the price hike is absurd as there is no direct correlation between eggs and the value of the dollar.

The video of her expressing these concerns has sparked mixed reactions online, with many explaining the reasons behind the increase, citing the rising costs of chicken feed and other items used in poultry farming.

Read some comments below,

@tohsyn_gurl wrote, “What about the cost of buying feeds, electricity etc to breed them.. what about the owners cost of living..those are the factors”

@taurusessentials wrote, “Cost of chicken feed has gone up , unfortunately for this Nigeria , they import almost all raw materials to product anything 😢 also since the hike in fuel , cost of transportation of the eggs from the farm to the stores increased as well . It is so sad but it is the painful current shege reality of Nigeria now 😩”

@myprfave wrote, “Lol, I dey always ask myself too, but then when you think of how inflation might have affected the cost of chicken feeds, inflation in vertinarary costs because of the drugs which are most likely imported, and the care that goes into keeping one chicken alive and fertile, you will understand why they cost of eggs has increased. 😂”

@the_Fitness_farmer wrote, “As a poultry farmer all I can say is it is well .. it is very expensive to run a farm now . The cost of feed now is 10,000 plus per bag. To run a farm now is not affordable…..”

Watch the video below,



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