Wema Bank has announced the launch of the Hackaholics Digital Summit, a gathering for Africa’s innovators, disruptors, regulators, policymakers, investors and customers in the digital space.

This was revealed in a statement issued on Wednesday by the bank where it was stated that the summit will serve as a hub for sharing insights, trends, and best practices in the tech industry towards the positive transformation of technology and innovation not just in Nigeria but across the African continent.

Themed ‘Re-Imagine: Disrupting the Ecosystem for Scale,’ the Hackaholics Digital Summit will hold in Lagos in October.

The event will include the launch of the Hackaholics Digital Summit and conclude with the grand finale of Hackaholics 4.0. Standout teams from the competition will showcase their innovations, and contend for the titles of Hackaholics 4.0 winners.

The winning team will receive N10m worth of prizes, the first runner-up will get N7m worth of prizes, and the second runner-up will receive N5m worth of prizes. A special N3m grant is also reserved exclusively for a female-led team. Additionally, a N15m grant will be allocated to University STEM endowment.

The Digital Summit will feature master classes, providing attendees with the opportunity to witness the emergence of Africa’s technological future while gaining invaluable insights from renowned experts. Some of the topics of the master classes include, ‘The Future of Financial Services,’ ‘Venture Capital and Funding Viable Innovation for Scale,’ and ‘Strategic Technology for Impact & Societal Change: Transforming Today & Tomorrow’s World.’

In 2019, Wema Bank introduced an initiative targeting youth and startups, Hackaholics, with the aim of providing a stage for entrepreneurs and innovators with transformative, tech-driven concepts to bring their ideas to fruition and refine their skills.

The fourth edition of Hackaholics, launched in April 2023, involved months-long journey to top Nigerian universities to identify and nurture talented students with creative ideas. These students were afforded the opportunity to collaborate, enhance their skills, and actualise their unique concepts through technology.

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