As schools across the country begin a new academic session, The PUNCH in its efforts to widen access to education and raise its standard, has introduced, the “Back-to-School Special edition.”

It is part of our commitment to education and fostering a strong community bond. The Back-to-School edition features parents, students, school administrators, and owners, who share their visions and missions in the education sector of the country. We are featuring interviews with parents, students, and school owners, who showcase unique strengths, achievements, academic programmes and the enviable records of their schools. The contents of the Back-to-School special edition will also be disseminated on our digital platforms


– Olubunmi Dosunmu, Principal

Can you provide an overview of your school’s vision and mission for the upcoming school year?

The vision statement of LFGC is to produce world-class leaders who will be reputed for proficiency and excellence in their various fields of endeavours. The school’s mission is embedded in tireless efforts at partnering with parents to provide an all-inclusive world-class education that develops students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes; harnessing their potential and equipping them to become confident leaders, role models, and global citizens.

What new programmes or initiatives is the school introducing for the new academic year?

We already have very robust curricular and co-curricular programmes, which we keep refining as dictated by what currently shapes the educational landscape. So, I would say this session, we want to pursue more programmes that are driven by Artificial Intelligence which is already giving us the shape of things to come in the future. We will keep re-inventing our services.


Can you highlight any changes or improvements in the school’s infrastructure and facilities?

 This session, we have invested more in technology-driven teaching and learning resources in the classrooms. We have upgraded the interactive boards in each class to smart boards that are driven by AI devices.

Expert Educator”

– Israel Iyamu, VP Academics

What do you believe is the key to a successful school year for both students and teachers?

The key to a successful school year for both students and teachers is effective communication and a positive, collaborative learning environment. That is dependent on having an action plan that provides the roadmap for the year.


Can you share some effective teaching strategies that have consistently yielded positive results in your classroom?

Students’ engagement through the use of active learning techniques. This strategy involves the teacher functioning as a facilitator of learning and the students taking ownership of their learning through a series of learning activities. For me, democratizing learning and giving students a voice in the classroom is one way of making learning engaging and exciting for them.


 In your opinion, what are the most important skills that students should focus on developing for success in the modern world?

In this age of technology, digital skill is an inevitable skill for success. Creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving, communication and collaboration

Student Perspective

– Christabel Akeme

 Can you share any tips for students on how to stay organised and manage their time effectively during the school year?

From experience, the best way possible to manage time during the school year is to make a planner, and do things step-by-step instead of trying to do everything at once.


How do you think your school experience might differ this year compared to the previous year?

There is surely a difference between this year and the previous year, I predict that my school experience this year might be a bit tougher than the last, as I am in my final year with a series of exams to write.

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