A digital wholesale marketplace, Warehouse24 has announced the launch of its eCommerce platform, aimed at revolutionising the way bulk buyers procure high-quality products in Nigeria.

According to a statement, the platform would address the key challenges faced by the Nigerian wholesale industry.

The statement read partly, “Traditionally, retailers seeking to procure goods for resale at wholesale prices have encountered significant hurdles. They are required to physically visit major markets where they are at the mercy of middlemen who inflate prices. The lack of standardised bulk prices further exacerbates the problem, resulting in overpayment for goods purchased in bulk.

“Warehouse24’s eCommerce platform provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges by offering a centralised and efficient wholesale shopping experience for Nigerian bulk buyers.”

Key features and benefits of the platform include a Centralised Wholesale Platform which would consolidate hundreds of verified manufacturers and wholesalers onto a single, user-friendly platform. Retailers will be able to gain access to a vast array of high-quality products, eliminating the need to physically visit multiple markets.

Also, by connecting retailers directly with manufacturers and wholesalers, Warehouse24 said the platform would ensure transparent and standardised bulk pricing. Middlemen markups would be eliminated, allowing retailers to procure goods at true wholesale prices, ultimately maximizing their profit margins.

The Product manager of Warehouse24, Dolapo Ojelabi was quoted as saying that the eCommerce platform would address the pain faced by bulk buyers, providing them with a convenient and cost-effective solution.

He also said Warehouse24 would empower retailers to access a vast selection of quality products at true wholesale prices, regardless of their location in Nigeria.

To celebrate the launch, Warehouse24 said it was offering free delivery to retailers in Lagos, and exclusive promotions and discounts to all new users.

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