Controversial Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen, has disclosed that she has become a little more polite and less confrontational.

The influencer claimed to be a living example of speaking her mind, but many believe that she is deliberately stirring up controversy to gain attention.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Monalisa stated that, while she regrets her previous remarks, she does not like being in the press for the wrong reasons.

The model highlighted that she has learned that not every piece of information should be made public since people react to candid comments or discoveries as though they have been hit with a bullet.

She said;

“I never thought that living my truth could be controversial. I believe in saying things the way I see it. I am a realist, and I don’t like to deceive myself. It is not my intention to be in the news for the wrong reasons, So far I am saying my truth, I have no regrets.

The lessons I have learnt is that a lot of people shy away from the truth. When one says the truth, it hits them like a bullet. Such people might not have the emotional capacity to control their feelings. Everybody is expected to have their own opinions. However, I have learnt to be a bit courteous, and know that it’s not all information one should release to the public.”



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