Tek Experts has said it is set to train 2,000 tech talents within the next two years.

According to the firm, this is in a bid to increase its staff strength and surging technical support demand from 2,000 to 4,000 within the time frame.

The Country Manager of Tek Experts Nigeria, Olugbolahan Olusanya, disclosed this during a media briefing.

He noted that the firm started operations in Nigeria with 200 talents in 2018.

He said, “The tech talent gap is a major challenge facing organisations in Nigeria. According to SAP research, 80 per cent of Nigerian companies expect to experience a skills gap in the next year. This challenge is a major blocker for businesses to be able to grow.”

The firm, which is a part of YNV Tech Talent, which comprises Tek Experts, elev8, and Cytek said it aimed to revolutionise and impact the IT market by bridging the tech talent and digital skill gaps whilst creating more comprehensive end-to-end IT talent solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

It revealed that its expertise in IT talent sourcing and managed services, combined with its understanding of the local Nigerian market to empower workforces with innovative live and virtual instructor-led and self-paced training solutions is contributing to the country’s digital transformation drive.

Olusanya, added, “We are committed to helping Nigerians develop the skills they need to succeed in the global workforce. Elev8 partners with the government, enterprises, and universities to provide unique opportunities for Nigerians to gain the skills and experience they need to begin and grow their careers in the tech industry. By having Tek Experts, elev8, and Cytek under the YNV Tech Talent brand we can seamlessly help businesses bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, skill the current workforce and provide solutions to protect from cyberattacks.”

According to the firm, it helped organisations in Nigeria fill their tech talent gaps to achieve desirable outcomes in their businesses.

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