As the world moves rapidly with the emerging trends in technology, the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr Obafemi Hamzat, has stressed the need for the deployment of technology to solve the wide unemployment gap in the country.

Speaking at the 5th A.M. Agoro Entrepreneurship Lecture Series (AMAELS) titled “Leveraging technology for business success and growth,” in Lagos on Saturday, he said, “Nigeria is a country with a lot of youths that are unemployed. We must harness technology to ensure that people are employed and are in business.”

According to the deputy governor, who was represented by the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC), Dr Shakirudeen Onasanya,   efficiency and effectiveness of technology is pivotal to the success of any business operations.

“We talk of improved output; we talk of improved outcome even as well as what you send to the society,” he added.

Hamzat noted that the diverse technology must be tapped into to improve capacity and production.

He added, “Technology is not based on information technology but there are issues of science-based technology as well as engineering-based technology. Science-based technology can be applied to animal husbandry and high yielding crops. You can also look at engineering; the issue of electrical, the issue of factorisation in agriculture, even the issue of solar energy and so on.”

According to the deputy governor, technology should be deployed to achieve sustainable development.

“Sustainable development also has to do with how you can use technology in your business to achieve all-round success not only economically but also environmentally. These are some of the issues we have to leverage in the issue of technology,” he posited.

The chairman of the event and Chairman of Caverton Helicopters Plc, Chief Aderemi Makanjuola, said the theme of the lecture was timely because of the role technology had assumed globally in pushing the frontiers of businesses.

“We need to see technology as transformational. Technology helps improve everything and it shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing. Technology is to help processes, develop people even better. If we can digitalise our processes, we can reach by far more. So, technology is a good thing and we must apply it to business.”

She urged the new government to see the importance of businesses, especially entrepreneurs with the economic development of the states and nation and give necessary support in terms of business training, grants and business opportunities.

“This is very important for the economic development of any society,” she stated.

Makanjuola, who was represented by the CEO of Caverton Offshore Support Group, Bode Makanjuola, urged the incoming administration to “provide a leverage platform for Small and Medium Enterprises and young people to progress and express their entrepreneurial zeal in making the country better.”

She added that young people know what they want but they need technology to achieve that dream.

The chairman urged beneficiaries of N200,000 grant to entrepreneurs to justify the investment on their businesses and show commitment.

The Chairman of AMAELS, Dr Adrian Tokolo, disclosed that the lecture series was instituted in the name of the late Agoro, described as a visionary and astute entrepreneur.

According to him, the event was a continuation of Agoro’s life’s work.

“And what we do is we have lecture series like this one. We also have grants and mentoring programmes and digital training for businesses. The idea is to support businesses to grow, especially young businesses,” he explained.

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