Spurs players expect Conte to leave before next season

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Tottenham players expect it is lone a matter of clip earlier Antonio Conte leaves the club. 

Conte is retired of declaration successful the summertime and galore players present deliberation they volition beryllium moving nether a caller caput manager adjacent season.

The players are consenting to judge work for mediocre performances and results but determination is simply a consciousness Conte came adjacent to crossing a enactment by calling them selfish and questioning their committedness to the nine connected Saturday aft the 3-3 gully astatine Southampton.

Tottenham bash not play again for a fortnight and that has fixed president Daniel Levy a abbreviated play of clip to determine whether helium should instrumentality immoderate enactment against Conte.

Conte has clarified to the Spurs committee that his furious outburst was aimed purely astatine the players and not the proprietor oregon the chairman. It is said to beryllium concern arsenic accustomed astatine Tottenham contempt his bonzer rant.

He besides appeared to onslaught the club's ownership but it is understood Conte's clarification to the committee pointed retired helium asked wherefore lone the nine and managers instrumentality work for not winning portion the players get "alibis".

The quotes Conte has clarified with the board...

"The nine has the work for the transportation market, each manager that stayed present has the responsibility. And the players? The players? Where are the players?

"Twenty years determination is the proprietor and they ne'er won thing but why? The responsibility is lone for the club, oregon for each manager that enactment here?

"You are uncovering an alibi, different alibi. You effort to find an excuse for the players. OK, proceed to bash this, to find an excuse for the players. You bash lone this! You bash lone this. Excuses for the players. 'But the players, maybe, my future, past we mislaid confidence, they mislaid spirit, they mislaid being a team'. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Try to support them each time."

Players and unit are presently connected a pre-scheduled 2 days disconnected and volition study backmost to the grooming crushed connected Tuesday, which would person been the lawsuit careless of the result.

There has been nary nationalist absorption from the players successful effect to Conte's comments arsenic yet, with Cristian Romero and Pedro Porro the lone players to person posted connected societal media since the outburst.

Sky Sports' Jamie Carragher said helium believed Conte wants to beryllium sacked pursuing the Italian's rant, portion Jamie Redknapp feels the Italian's presumption is becoming untenable.

Conte's Spurs declaration expires this summer, and Sky Sports' Gary Neville said helium would "keep him close wherever helium is and marque him bash his job".

Sky Sports News reported earlier this month that Tottenham president Daniel Levy is nether immense unit to reappoint Mauricio Pochettino arsenic Spurs manager, with respective players and unit pleading with the Argentine to instrumentality and reinvigorate the club.

Tottenham's illness astatine St Mary's capped disconnected a miserable March successful which they were dumped retired of some the FA Cup and the Champions League to permission them trophyless since 2008.

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'His presumption is becoming untenable' - Jamie Redknapp and Karen Carney dissect Conte's outburst

Analysis: From 'glory game' to 'blame game'

This was expected to beryllium a play erstwhile Spurs built connected the advancement made past season, but it has been a disappointing run and the latest debased constituent was throwing distant a 3-1 pb astatine Southampton connected Saturday.

That appeared to beryllium the last straw for Conte and helium did not clasp backmost successful his post-match property conference. But who is truly to blasted for what's gone incorrect this season?

Here, Sky Sports News newsman Michael Bridge dissects that question from 3 antithetic perspectives - Conte, the committee and the fans.

Antonio Conte

Conte got beauteous overmuch everything disconnected his thorax successful beforehand of the media connected Saturday. We've seen it before, of course. Conte has a way grounds of speaking his caput to journalists erstwhile helium was manager of Juventus, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Italy.

We got a glimpse of what was to travel erstwhile helium questioned whether helium was the close antheral for the occupation aft the 1-0 decision astatine Burnley successful February past year. He aboriginal admitted that those comments were meant to situation the players but Saturday felt much personal.

The large question is what the nine hierarchy volition marque of his comments. Conte has consistently told reporters helium has honorable with the board, telling them what needs to beryllium done for the nine to instrumentality that adjacent large step.

It was wide connected Saturday that helium is frustrated that his players often look to get a escaped walk erstwhile it comes to disapproval successful the media but questioning their committedness could beryllium a unsafe crippled contempt the information galore Spurs fans deliberation determination are players astatine the nine who are conscionable not bully enough.

Conte tin constituent to wounded problems arsenic portion of the crushed for what's gone incorrect this season. Serious injuries to Hugo Lloris and much importantly Rodrigo Bentancur person not helped but each manager has to enactment up with players being out.

He tin besides constituent to the information that past season's Golden Boot victor Heung-min Son has scored conscionable six times this season.

Harry Kane is ever going to get you goals but Conte knows a palmy squad cannot trust connected conscionable 1 cardinal subordinate nary substance however bully helium is.

Any reappraisal of Conte's ain show this play has to admit it has been a precise pugnacious run for him connected a idiosyncratic level. He has mislaid 3 adjacent friends and had gallbladder surgery.

Only helium seems to cognize if helium volition motion a caller deal, but that's looking highly improbable close now.

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Conte's rant analysed: 'He's lacking self-awareness'

The Board

Daniel Levy is simply a large instrumentality of Conte. At the unit Christmas party, his sanction was mentioned passim his speech.

It was each truthful affirmative but that seems similar a agelong clip agone now.

The committee person ever been were alert Conte does not similar to enactment with agelong contracts and the communal presumption was they would sermon an hold during this season, a play that promised truthful much.

Spurs were 3rd favourites for the rubric past summertime and they deserved to beryllium aft specified a promising extremity to past play - 3 wins successful a enactment including beating Arsenal 3-0. Levy has each close to look guardant to the pursuing play knowing helium had 1 of the astir respected and palmy coaches successful shot successful his dugout.

Tottenham Hotspur president  Daniel Levy successful  the stands up  of the Premier League lucifer  astatine  St Mary's Stadium, Southampton. Picture date: Saturday March 18, 2023.

Image: Daniel Levy is thought to beryllium a large instrumentality of Conte

Of people Levy and the committee person faced disapproval astir transportation walk and argumentation but they would reason that they person backed Conte. Richarlison arrived for large wealth from Everton, Yves Bissouma was a cardinal subordinate astatine Brighton and Conte wanted Ivan Perisic, but contempt each that you could reason the astir palmy signing from past summertime has been back-up goalkeeper Fraser Forster.

For each the wealth that has been spent, the defence looks woefully lacking successful prime and erstwhile first-choice centre-back targets were unavailable past summer, Clement Lenglet was brought successful connected indebtedness and helium has failed to convince.

Fans often blasted the club's enactment for the information Spurs person won conscionable 1 large trophy during Levy's time, but erstwhile managers - positive Conte - are besides to blame, particularly erstwhile it comes to questionable squad enactment successful large semi-finals and finals.

The Fans

Just erstwhile Spurs fans thought they were heading for a relaxing 2 weeks disconnected during the planetary break, it's each abruptly each doom and gloom again. The nine who were celebrated for the glory crippled are playing the blasted crippled again.

It is astonishing to deliberation Spurs were seconds distant from going into the interruption 3rd successful the Premier League but woeful crippled absorption erstwhile 3-1 up and a arguable punishment changed each that.

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FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from the 3-3 gully betwixt Southampton and Tottenham successful the Premier League.

Many fans present deliberation finishing successful the apical 4 would not beryllium capable to marque up for a disappointing and dispiriting campaign. You don't get a trophy for finishing 4th and the FA Cup decision astatine Sheffield United past period was 1 of the defining 90 minutes of the season.

Some Spurs supporters deliberation Conte was close to talk retired connected Saturday. They accidental his disapproval of the players and the committee was agelong overdue. However, determination are besides galore fans who judge Conte is paid much than capable to judge responsibility, alteration enactment and get much retired of the squad.

One contented each supporters tin hold connected is that Conte's declaration coming to an extremity this summertime has played a large portion successful the uncertainty hanging implicit the club.

How tin you expect to physique erstwhile the antheral successful complaint has nary volition of committing his aboriginal to the club? How tin you beryllium moving connected summertime transfers erstwhile cipher knows if Conte is staying oregon going?

Spurs fans utilized to mock Mikel Arteta's "trust the process" mantra astatine the commencement of his clip arsenic Arsenal manager, present they're envious of that precise process.

On the time Beyoncé is owed to play astatine what utilized to beryllium called White Hart Lane, Arsenal could beryllium parading the Premier League trophy down the road.

Ten months ago, Spurs bushed Arsenal 3-0 astatine home. That is simply a precise distant representation now.

As the reddish fractional of North London goes from spot to strength, Daniel Levy & Co are having to gully up contingency plans for yet different rebuild - and their 13th manager successful 20 years.