Sony Pictures Television Entertainment has launched the globally award-winning game show, “The Pyramid Game Show Nigeria” marking a significant milestone as it makes its African debut.

The company said the Pyramid Game Show Nigeria is a Sony Pictures Television Entertainment franchise, produced by Mekdoss International for the Nigerian audience.

The event was held recently in Lagos on Tuesday and was attended by diplomats, Sony Pictures television entertainment executives, brand executives, and stakeholders.

It said the game of words would feature two teams, each comprising a celebrity and a contestant, with celebrities helping the contestants to win 10 million naira on each weekly episode.

The Chief Executive Officer of Mekdoss International, Martin Gbados, stated that the driving force behind bringing “The Pyramid Game Show” to Nigeria, reiterated the show’s commitment to giving back to the community and creating value for companies supporting the endeavour.

Gbados said, “The show is planned to air on over 5 television stations nationwide in prime time. Looking at the present state of the economy, Pyramid Game Show coming to Nigeria is timely and will leave a huge impact on the people and create value for companies that support the show.”

Nollywood sensation, Enyinna Nwigwe, was unveiled as the host for the much-anticipated, globally renowned award-winning game show, marking a significant milestone as it makes its African debut.

Nwigwe, said, “It is an incredible honour to be part of such an iconic show that has been loved by audiences around the world for decades. The Pyramid Game promises not only to entertain but also to bring families together, educate, and reward our viewers with exciting prizes. I can’t wait to embark on this journey and create unforgettable moments with our contestants and viewers.

“It is the greatest game show of all time, it has been out in the United States of America for 40 years, the first time in Africa and it is coming to Nigeria, so I am excited. I have been looking for other ways to express my creativity and this just came at the right time.”

“Going up against some of the best television and game show hosts we have in the country through three stages of audition and being picked by Sony Pictures is an endorsement that I can’t take for granted. I can’t wait to get on set and get this rolling.”

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