The Standard Organisation of Nigeria has said that most cases of fire outbreaks in Nigeria are caused by imported electrical cables.

The Director General of SON, Farouk Salim, said this on Thursday, during the destruction of some substandard products at the agency’s Amuwo Odofin warehouse in Lagos.

He noted that Nigeria’s cable manufacturing industry is one of the most successful industries in the country.

Salim warned that those bringing in these substandard cables are sabotaging the economy.

“A lot of fire incidences in this country are caused by fake electrical cables and 100 percent of them are not made in Nigeria. This is economic sabotage to our people, country, and individuals and you see that the people bringing in these products are causing economic loss to our country and also a lot of lives and properties,” Salim said.

Speaking on the destroyed substandard tires, he said, some of the tyres were stuffed together by the importers thereby making them unfit for use. Salim however, added that some of the tires were refurbished tyres.

“The tyres look new but some of them are new tires that have been processed and made to look like new. And some of them are new tires but unfortunately when the importers were bringing them in they stuffed other tires in them.”

“And because these new ones lose their integrity, the wires inside the tires and broken so the tyres will blow up if you using them that is the reason we are destroying them. The whole idea of this destruction is because all these tires you see are dangers to the society,” he added.

The SON boss said that they had gotten permission from the court to carry out the destruction.

“The value is running into billions of naira, we can’t be exact with the amount now. They may not look it because they have been outside for a long time now. They are worth billions of naira,” he reiterated.

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