Nigerian artist Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, sparked a major uproar on the streets of Italy during a recent event due to a dispute with his promoter over the money showered on him during his performance.

Caught on camera, Portable can be seen engaged in a heated argument with the promoter, who allegedly claimed the cash sprayed on the artist belonged to him.

The enraged singer strongly disagreed, asserting that any money placed in his pocket rightfully belonged to him, while the cash sprayed by attendees should go to the promoter.

Frustrated by the situation, Portable even made threats against the person who invited him to the event. He charged towards the individual’s car and used his leg to strike it, expressing his anger and disappointment.

Expressing his frustration, Portable exclaimed,

This useless human being all my money wey dem spray me that place this useless man don carry am run”

In response, the show promoter defended himself, asserting:

“Money wey dem spray you, na me get am, money wey dem put for your pocket na your own.”

Unfazed by the promoter’s explanation, Portable, who proudly proclaimed his background as a “street boy” from Lagos, threatened to physically assault him, boldly stating, “I go beat your father, nothing go happen”

The incident caused quite a commotion, leaving onlookers shocked by the clash between the controversial Nigerian artist and the promoter.

Watch the video below:

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