An engineering company with an interest in the upstream oil sector, Shefa Engineering Limited, says it will offer relevant infrastructure to support and initiate operations in the upstream oil sector.

The Managing Director, Shefa Engineering Limited, Mr Yinka Adelodun, said the move would stimulate economic activity and attract additional investment.

According to him, the company plans to support more oil-producing countries to drive revenue generation through oil exports and sufficient supply.

Adelodun explained that the company aims to achieve this by leveraging innovative solutions and a world-class service delivery method to drive job creation and economic prosperity.

“Shefa Engineering will be offering the relevant infrastructure to support and initiate operations in the upstream sector. This stimulates not only economic activity but also attracts additional investment. However, its most significant role lies in assisting oil-producing countries in generating revenue through oil exports by ensuring sufficient supply.” he said.

Adelodun said in the past, oil exploration and production earned a notorious environmental reputation, mainly due to crude equipment used in the upstream sector.

The Shefa managing director said, “This is changing, to extract crude oil effectively and efficiently from its natural reserves, state-of-the-art technology plays a crucial part in reducing adverse environmental impacts such as water and air pollution, soil contamination, and climate change.

“The company has introduced advanced technologies and expertise across its different portfolios that cover well construction and production services, as well as integrated services, to tackle these environmental issues while serving as a vessel for knowledge transfer and skill development among the local workforce. Through this avenue, technology introduced by the engineering company can spill over into other industries, contributing to overall economic diversification and growth.”

He said that the company acknowledges the role collaboration plays in identifying challenges within its purview and providing veritable solutions.

The MD added that the company had collaborated with the National Energy Services Reunited, an oilfield service provider in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia region, for well production services.

He noted that the company’s collaboration with ADES International Holding Limited, an oil and gas drilling contractor in the Middle East and Africa, to provide drilling services in Nigeria, was successful.

He said, “Through its relentless pursuit of excellence, it has not only contributed to job creation and economic prosperity but has also become an emblem of hope for a nation forging its path towards greatness.”

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