Nigerian singer, Portable, has fired back at allegations made by his babymama, Keji, who accused him of neglecting his fatherly duties for an extended time of four months.

According to Keji, who made the accusations in a live broadcast that went viral, the singer allegedly abandoned her and their infant without providing a single cent for the child’s upkeep.

Additionally, she alleged that Portable had physically beaten her when she was pregnant and still does so to his wife, Bewaji, for continuing to communicate with her.

In reaction, Portable responded by asserting that Keji, the mother of his child, was engaged in prostitution at the time of their child’s conception. He added that he had gotten her a place to stay by renting a house.

He continued by saying that Keji had participated in several video chats with her male partners, many of whom he claimed were connected to internet fraud. As a result, he had to ask Keji to leave his house.

The street-famous musician stated that his babymama started surreptitiously counseling his wife, Bewaji, against him after he sent her packing.

Portable stressed that she was using the money he had been giving his son to support her luxurious and opulent lifestyle, in contrast to her claims that he was a negligent father.

Watch the video below:

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