A Nigerian man has criticized reality TV star Tacha for sharing a video where she stylishly removed his hand from her waist during a photo-op.

In the video, the man was seen posing for a photo with the Big Brother Naija star and put his hand around her waist while waiting for the photo to be taken, and Tacha promptly removed his hand.

The moment was captured on camera and Tacha shared the clip on her Instagram page with the caption, “I just couldn’t lol.”

Man in Tacha's viral video

The video quickly went viral on social media, sparking numerous comments from netizens who criticized the man for not keeping his hands to himself.

Well, the man has now released a statement explaining his side of the incident. He claims that Tacha requested the photo backstage, and he was unaware it was being filmed.

He averred that Tacha’s decision to share the video was an “attention-seeking” move, as she didn’t express any concerns about how he held her waist.

He further demands a public apology for character defamation, expressing frustration about facing criticisms and condemnation, as well as the mental torture he has endured.

The statement reads,

“Hello, everyone! I’d like to address a viral video featuring Tacha and I. I want to clarify that I was unaware of the video; she asked for a quick photo backstage, and I obliged as I was assisting as a stage manager for the said show. If she had any concerns, she didn’t express them. It seems like an attention-seeking move, explaining my delayed response. I’ve received calls and faced defamation from various sources, including brands, individuals, and even at my workplace. Tacha, I hope you understand the gravity of this situation on my mental well-being and the risk to my image. A public apology for the impact on my reputation would be appreciated. I look forward to your prompt response.”

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