The Deeper Life High School, Lagos Campus, Mowe-Ibafo, Ogun State, has told school owners to courageously maintain quality standards.

Speaking at a media parley on Monday, DLHS Administrator, Mr Emmanuel Eze, explained that adhering to educational standards would help any school to offer quality education to learners, adding that a culture of honesty, and shunning malpractice should be prioritised too.

He also advised the Federal Government to pay full attention to ensure that learners were given quality education nationally.

“They should give attention to quality education and standardisation many of these leaders went to quality and standard schools, let them go back and put things in order.”

While revealing the secret of the excellent performance of its students in national and international examinations.

Eze revealed that “We don’t recruit teachers without education background, you must have an education certificate too and we put our potential teachers through written exams, oral interviews, and others.”

“It has been a culture of excellence, rigorous discipline, and the God factor. We put God first in everything. We observe devotion every day, we recite one memory verse from the Bible and we organise special church programmes for them. We ensure they engage in rigorous reading and we monitor them.

“We have the Leadership Entrepreneurship Programme where we teach them values, morals, motivation, mentorship, and culture. We give them books to read and Bible characters, exam malpractice is a no-go area. It is a lot of vigorous learning it is beyond academics. We don’t joke with discipline that is part of the culture.”

He added that the school devoted attention to extracurricular activities, including sports, vocational skills, technological learning, and music, saying students had won the Nigeria Society Award and African Mathematic Award in.

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