The Atlantic Hall School, Epe, has advised its students to work hard to achieve their goals.

Speaking at the 31st Valedictory Service and Graduation Ceremony of the school, Principal, Atlantic Hall, Dr Terry Howard, told the outgoing students to continue to learn and grow.

A total of 79 students graduated at the ceremony.

He said, “I will encourage each of you to hold tight to the personal and religious values that have come to be a part of you.   Stand up for your beliefs and be cautious of those who might suggest that you change to become someone that isn’t really ‘you’.

“Continue everything that you take on with the same level of dedication you have shown during your years at Atlantic Hall.  Continue to work hard to achieve your goals.  Continue to make your parents proud.  Continue to learn and grow.  Continue to enjoy the good things that come to you.   In a few more years you will be going through another ceremony like this as you graduate from university. “

The valedictorian, Mofetolu Kuponiyi, who scored a perfect Cumulative Grade Point Average  of 4.00 encouraged other students who would like to succeed like her to be resilience.

“I am going to Canada to study Chemical Engineering. Students should be resilient because a lot of people will be aiming to get your position. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you.”

She advised that teachers should be properly trained adding that textbooks and learning materials were very important to both learners and teachers.

Head boy, 2022/2023 session, Anuoluwapo Toluhi, said, “I wish you all success in your endeavors outside Ahall. I will miss all of you very much thank you parents of the 2023 class your children are some of the best people I have ever met.”

Mohammed Abdul-Razaq, an alumnus of Atlantic Hall School and Senior, Vice-President, in the Financial Advisory Team at the Africa Finance Corporation, was the guest of honour.

The Atlantic Hall Educational Trust Council Chairman, Mrs Marlies Allan was also in attendance.



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