Popular Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba, has dished out a piece of advice to women who are dating and planning to marry men comfortable with being unemployed while relying on them to provide for the family.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Williams advised such women to seriously reconsider their choices because it’s a significant red flag.

He emphasized that men naturally have the desire to provide for their families, and if that drive is absent, then there is a huge problem.

Williams Uchemba advises

He also recounted an instance when he visited his wife, then-girlfriend, in the UK and noticed that she was the one buying household items. According to him, he had to stop her and instructed her to ask him for money for those things instead.

The 34-year-old actor and philanthropist said in part,

“There is something in a man, some call it ego. There is something that God has put in a man to provide. A man is built to not just protect but provide. Ladies, if you are dating someone that is comfortable with being jobless because you have a good job, Run. It is a red flag because when God created Adam, the first thing God gave him was a job and when the job was too much, God said it is not good for this man to be alone. Let us give him a helper.

One of the primary purpose of a wife is to help, to support what the man is doing, not to be breadwinner or a provider”

Watch him speak below,



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