The organisers of Felabration Secondary School Debate have called on the government to revive the act of debating in basic schools across the country.

Convener of Felabration and one of the children of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Yeni Kuti, revealed that debate would improve the public speaking and communication skills in learners.

It was the 11th Felabration debate.

Yeni also said she was impressed with the performances of some students of Lagos-owned schools who had been taking the lead in the debate competition for the past two years.

She said, “Fela was intellectually sound, we are trying to impact this knowledge in children. When I was younger, schools always have debate but it’s no more. Government should pay more attention to schools we are losing the gifts of public speaking; children shouldn’t be introverts.”

Also speaking, head of the judges during the debate, Mr Chris Borna said the idea was to help learners develop strong communication skills.

“Debating is a civilised form of conversation. There are rules, time-keeping and pressure. You must be able to withstand them all. You learn how to make eye contact, make your point clearer and add your own words. We are trying to make the children develop strong communication skills.”

Winner of the debate, Abdulrahmah Oke of King’s College, Lagos, “I am surprised because last year our school lost they gave us the topic like five months ago. I opened my mind to a lot of concepts and  I was diligent and researched widely. I advise my fellow students to be fearless.”

All participating schools got a Yamaha Keyboard.

The second position winner was Kiiihari Ige of Vivian Fowler Memorial College, and the third position was  Babalola Aishat of Gbaja Girls Senior Secondary School.

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