Reality TV star, Queen Mercy Atang, has showered accolades on a Nigerian pilot who triumphed after a storm held them in the air for two hours.

The former BBNaija contestant posted a video online detailing her terrifying travel from Lagos to Abuja.

She said that there had been a severe storm when they arrived in Abuja, forcing the aircraft to circle in the air for two hours before landing, waiting for the storm to pass.

According to Queen, Rasheed Lawal, their pilot impressed her with his talent and judgement in getting them safely back to the ground.

She posted a video of the pilot who became an overnight sensation being thanked and photographed by other passengers for ensuring their safety.

Sharing the video, Queen wrote,

“Dear @danaair your today flight 9j355 to Abuja was a roller coaster. We all held on to our faith as we met a heavy storm at Abuja. We got to Abuja, and we were on air for 2hours. Waiting for the storm to either clear or we return to Lagos . Thanks to Pilot Lawal Rasheed that God through his wisdom use to save us. He deserves an awarding promotion for his remarkable expertise.

From your passenger, thank you #deletingsoon”

Watch the video below.

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