Poet Sir Graciano's Enterthronement

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According to him (Sir Graciano) :

"I made a promise 9 years ago that I will never charge to teach poetry until I've proven that I'm one of the most qualified to do so in the country. What's more? I have other Kingmakers with me. There's no gainsaying this, your success is assured. I'm absolutely gutted and sad that there are only 30 seats available and this is why we decided to create 70 more seats on Zoom. The beautiful thing is that it's almost FREE! 

Just 5,000 Naira for the physical class if you're within Port Harcourt and 3,000 Naira for the virtual class if you're out there but won't want to pass up this golden opportunity. Hop in right now, let's create history this month!

There are so many things I want to share with you that I've experienced and some of which I've learned from the wealth of these men on this flier with me. These are no mean men. It's a privilege to have them together under one roof teaching stuff they've done successfully over and over again.

Emeka Nobis taught me how to sell my books, I'm sure you already know that SPOKEN WORD POETRY-101 has gotten to 8000+ sales in less than 3 years. 

Olumati Isaiah taught and is still teaching me stuff regarding branding. He's the father of Mirus Empire that fostered the likes of Sammy Hart, Prinx Emmanuel, Sotonye Emmanuel Jumbo and other heavy weights in the music industry especially here in Port Harcourt.

Timi Dakolo is still an elder brother who's teaching this mentor how to serve both as an artiste and as a mentor too.

 Jeremiah Gyang ? This one can teach emotional intelligence, spirituality, financial intelligence and contentment more than anyone in the world, there's no contesting this, trust me.

K.O. Baba has proven that he's the mayor of Port Harcourt. Any comedian he mentors becomes great in less than a year. How exactly he does this is what he shall be telling us unfettered.

When last did you hear someone with an actual story sing and talk to you? Benjiszzy Záakìi Omale has a story to tell that will always benefit any artiste, great, medium or small artiste. It doesn't matter. His life is a practical example of what a textbook-greatness for an artiste is. He shall be talking and singing.

Dr Emeruem Njideka is one artiste I admire a lot. She's intelligent and a true head. You won't understand until she grabs the mic when you're sitting down. 

Asides the CruiseConfession that has invariably shot him to limelight, I don't think any artiste in Nigeria gives me goosebumps as much as Beekay does. Most people don't know this but it was his singing that brought me to TRP, I'll tell the story in my book, STICKZ AND STONEZ. 

Agbeye Talks is one poet that I really wish everyone would listen to at least once a day. 

There's free launch for everyone attending, as well as several freebies."