Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, also known as Rude Boy, has shared screenshots of his chat with a lady who insulted him for failing to support her again.

The musician lamented the state of the nation on his Instagram story, telling the story of a stranger who he has been helping out and is now insulting him for failing to continue.

Paul said she called him a sinner, wished him dead, and reminded him that he had previously been a poor man.

He went on to say that her message had hurt him and that he needed to turn up the volume on his wickedness.

He wrote: “The situation in the country is getting worse, even someone I have never met but constantly helping these person, omoh!! the person just insulted me today, called me a wicked person that I will die and leave all
my money reminded me that I was one’s a poor man. I need to increase the volume of my wickedness.”

Read some reactions to his revelation below.

Bruzieee commented; “They don’t know rich man can have 2 million naira problem with 1 million naira in account.”

Hsinner wrote; “It’s this same entitlement mentality that led us to the point we are – where a supposed “master strategist” is now our president. Talmbout “emi lokan””

Alexander commented; “Wait a minute, why is she feeling entitled to someone’s money! That’s how one came to me and said I was once broke and I would die and leave my money, like are they okay??”

See the posts and screenshot below.



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