Some parents and educators have taken to the Facebook page of the Concerned Parents Educators forum to complain about the examination malpractice they witnessed during the National Common Entrance Examination.

The comments made references to the unethical conduct of the invigilators who were seen calling out answers to the children during the exam which took place on July 22.

The first anonymous post which generated over 500 comments read,

 “I’m pained in my body, soul, and spirit.

I just got not-so-encouraging feedback from a parent in my school whose child was one of those who wrote the Lagos State Common Entrance Examination on Saturday.

“One of the invigilators called out answers to kids in the examination hall.  Answers were not just called but our pupils were harassed and intimidated for not taking the answers. They were rushed, saying, “Why didn’t you write the answers when others were writing?”

“Please why should this be? These are primary school kids for crying out loud.

“These are kids we have worked so hard to be educated academically and morally, why teach and encourage them to cheat? Why?

What kind of evil are those in positions of authority sowing in the lives of these kids?  It’s really sad, I just don’t understand this society.  We keep promoting and encouraging bad characters and expect magic.

When will all this stop in Nigeria? I’m just so pissed. I know the efforts we put into getting these kids to prepare, I know how hard they worked. May that invigilator meet his Waterloo.”

Another netizen, Omolayo Afolabi, added, “Same story every year so not even CPE can do anything about it, and some of the teachers involved as invigilators are on this platform, all because of peanut they want to ruin some of the intentional parents and teachers effort, the real change begins with me and you.”

Dammy Dorcas said, “It is happening in every state. I was so mad last year, come and see the way proprietors both in public and private schools were running around to solve the questions for the kids. At a point, they asked for my own money and the way I looked at them, they just left me. I told them not to tell my pupils anything and gave a strict warning to my pupils not to shade anything given to them.”

However, Public Affairs Officer, Lagos State Examinations Board, Mr Fatai Bakare in an interview with The PUNCH insisted that during the exam, the board monitored some centres in Lagos.

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