Reality TV star and writer Angel Smith and her romantic interest in the Big Brother house, Soma have emphasized that their on-screen romance was real and that they had left their ex-partners in order to be together.

The couple who had been the talk of the eviction show on Sunday for revealing they would stick to each other and dump their former partners, have decided to speak more on their progressing love.

After getting evicted from the show, the couple discussed this in detail during their media appearances on ClassicFM 97.3.

Soma explained that he and Angel had the spark that brought them together initially as friends while discussing how they met.

He emphasized that what he and Angel had in Biggie’s house wasn’t a plan, but rather a true affection and connection.

Angel joined their conversation and stated that she is leaving her ex-partner as their relationship would no longer work in order to focus on her newfound feelings for Soma.

Watch them speak below.

In other news, a lady has made a courageous move by proposing to her partner after seven years of being together without an engagement.

A video circulating on the internet shows the heartwarming moment the woman knelt down to ask for her boyfriend’s hand in marriage.

While dining at a restaurant with a friend, the woman unexpectedly rose from her seat and proposed to her boyfriend, much to his surprise. See here.

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