An indigenous mobile solutions firm, Olivia, has introduced an application designed to streamline business operations and payment systems landscape for Small and Medium Enterprises.

It said the Olivia App was introduced in an era where efficiency, convenience and access to information were crucial to bridging retail solutions, merchant services and agency banking.

The Founder/Chief Executive, Olivia, Wisdom Ibanga, said in a statement issued by the firm in Abuja on Tuesday, that “Olivia is more than just an app. It is a solution and complete package to aid businesses grow rapidly.

“Our aim is to simplify the complexities of business management and payments, empowering businesses, especially Small and Medium Enterprises to thrive.”

According to him, the all-in-one business solution would redefine how businesses handle transactions, manage their operations and monitor growth.

Outlining some of the features of the solution, Ibanga said it include the Olivia Web – a web application where businesses could set up and manage their retail outlets.

He said the web had over 20 modules to aid business growth, adding that the other feature of the solution was the mobile app application that mirrors the setup done on the web application and could be used by cashier and office managers.

He said the app would simplify payments and improve approval rates, as well as allow users to send and receive money with ease.

This, Ibanga said, would eliminate the complications often associated with financial transactions and put the power back into the hands of business owners.

He said the Olivia App was developed by professionals in the financial sector to help meet the payment payment systems requirements of SMEs across the country.

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