A student of Olive Crescent Scholars, Lasisi Ibrahim, Ogun State has emerged as the champion of the SMATHS-Kids Interschool Math and Science Competition.

The SMATHS-Kids competition, organised by Apt Scholars Universal College, Otta, Ogun State promotes and celebrates the academic excellence of young minds in the fields of mathematics and science.

It serves as a platform for talented students to showcase their knowledge and skills, igniting a spirit of healthy competition among participating schools.

The grand prize of N200,000 was claimed by Ibrahim while his teacher, Mr. Abdullahi Kabir Oza-Ovehe won a total prize of N100,000 in the teacher’s category.

Additionally, Lasisi was bestowed a scholarship that covers 50 per cent of his tuition for the next six years with a decoration of a prestigious plaque in recognition of his remarkable victory.

Head of School, Mrs Aminu-Ibraheem Mariam O. expressed her delight and pride in the accomplishments of Lasisi Ibrahim and the entire Olive Crescent Scholars community. She emphasized the significance of fostering a love for learning and encouraging students to explore their passions. She reiterated in her address that the winning was well deserved and not accidental as the school has always set the pace in competitions per excellence.

She said, “The victory of Olive Crescent Scholars in this prestigious competition stands as a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and fostering excellence. The pupils, under the guidance of dedicated educators, have consistently displayed their remarkable aptitude for critical thinking and problem-solving. The victory of Lasisi Ibrahim in the SMATHS-Kids competition serves as an inspiration for future generations, instilling a sense of determination and the pursuit of excellence in the hearts of young scholars.”

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