An actress, Jumoke Odetola, is of the opinion that men should not be discouraged from showing emotions.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “It is one aspect that we do not talk about all the time. Mostly, when people talk about equality, they are only referring to females, forgetting that equality should be for both genders.

“I made a movie titled, ‘My Mirror’, where I advocated for men. Often, we hear people tell men to be ‘men’, and that it is a sign of weakness when they cry. That does not make any sense to me, because men also have blood running through their veins. They are humans. You cannot tell them not to express their emotions and show their weaknesses.

“It would lead to a problem when one tries to shut men up because there is a limit and a breaking point for every human. And, it gets to a point one can no longer take it again. That is one aspect Nollywood should focus on.”

Speaking about her latest projects, she said, “My latest project is ‘Adele Oba’. It is an M-Net commissioned production. The reception has been great. We are making it into a series as well. I am also running my Master of Business Administration programme.”

Asked if she would prefer to make money from telling random and regular stories, or tell outstanding stories and make less money, the actress and filmmaker said, “Why choose one when I can have the two? I believe the first thing about filmmaking is passion. One has to be passionate about it. While starting up, it takes a lot of energy and perseverance.

“Hence, the need for the passion, so that when challenges start coming, one will not fold. The passion will keep one going. But, the passion still has to translate to money. One can make a career out of one’s passion. That is even the best way to live.”

On if she prefers a quiet life to a flamboyant life, she said, “That is actually very relative and personal. Showbiz has always been beyond the work. It is also about the glitz and glamour. People want to see the fun side of it.”



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