“Nothing will ever make me go to the mainland again” – Bobrisky shares experience he had after visiting the mainland – YabaLeftOnline

Nigerian crossdresser, Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju also known as Bobrisky has shared on his Instagram page what he encountered when he visited the mainland recently.

The crossdresser said that she would not visit the mainland again for any reasons what so ever, after some area boys tried to extort money from him.

He mentioned that he got a deal around the area to influence for a spa, adding that he had earlier asked the spa owner if he was going to be safe when he comes around which she assured him of but she met the opposite.

He wrote in his caption,

“My manager reach out to me that he got a deal for me on the mainland to influence for a spa. The pay was attractive so i told them to book a date for me. I ask the lady if the place was safe enough for me so i won’t wear so much jewelry and will come with my escort. She asked me not to worry!!! I drove my 2022 Land Cruiser BLACK. Fast forward as soon as got there few people were able to recognize me asap sha but i didn’t bother. My greatest surprise going back to my car after my videos and all over 1000 area boys has surrounded my car asking for money gosh. I was wearing so much gold jewelry and my wrist watch. I just stayed calm. told them i will give them 500k for all of them dis foolish guys refused. They were asking for 2million. I got upset that you guys want to collect 2million did you help and make my money? immediately called some police and 20men arrived fully armed. Before their arrival they were already harassing my driver asking him to talk to me. Well they didn’t touch me sha as per fine girl. Immediately the police arrived they all ran away and some got angry called the police and broke my side mirror. If they know the amount of the side mirrow they broke they won’t ugly people ewwww.”



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