The Nook International Fashion Weekend, a fashion event that brings together designers, emerging talents, fashion influencers and key industry figures, is taking a stand for decency in the fashion industry.

Speaking at a media parley recently, one of the brains behind the event, Ochuko Momoh, said, “Since our inaugural event in February 2022, our focus has been on bringing decency onto the runway and making a difference in society. We believe that promoting decency in dressing is of utmost importance. We were meticulous in selecting outfits for the runway, ensuring that they aligned with our theme. I am proud to say that we achieved approximately 70 per cent decency in our first show.”

Another director of the fashion show held in Port Harcourt, Odochi Parker, emphasised the significance of decency beyond mere clothing choices. She said, “Fashion transcends nakedness, which unfortunately has become prominent in our society. It is the designers who create these revealing garments, and it is our children who often end up wearing them. The issue extends beyond clothing, and reaches into the realm of personal decency. The fashion industry has practically been turned into a den of immorality. It seems as though one must conform to a certain standard to be accepted in the industry.”

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