Nigerian superstar singer, Burna Boy has taken a swipe at the Nigerian government for considering a military intervention in Niger Republic.

The self-styled ‘Odogwu’ criticized the Nigerian Government during an Instagram Live session on Tuesday, August 8, while speaking on their proposed plan to invade Niger Republic after a military junta took over the nation’s governance.

Burna Boy shades

Burna Boy, who was captured smoking weed, questioned how the federal government plans to invade the neighboring country with its prevailing fuel subsidy crisis.

“Fuel no dey, you wan go fight war. How you wan take reach battlefield?” he asked, sparking laughter among his friends.

Watch the video below,

Just recently, Burna Boy received a huge birthday surprise during a stage performance in the Netherlands.

The self-styled ‘African Giant’ turned 32 on Sunday, July 2, but was performing at the ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ festival in the European country.

As the clock struck midnight, Burna Boy’s mother and manager, Bose Ogulu, along with his friends, orchestrated a grand surprise for him, right there on stage.

The singer took to his official Instagram page to share a video of the heartwarming moment he was celebrated at the concert, and it has garnered a ton of sweet reactions.

In the video, Burna Boy was giving an electrifying performance in front of over 45,000 person when he was taken by surprise by his mother and crew, who joined him on stage holding balloons and a cake.

They also serenaded him with a beautiful rendition of the birthday song. Interestingly, after the birthday celebration, Burna Boy proceeded to give his birthday cake to the audience. Watch here



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