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Opinion By:

 Wisdom C. NWOGA

The forth coming general elections in Nigeria will either mar or make us as a people. It will be a critical time for the determination of the country's future and as such, the citizens must be intentional in choosing the right man for the job. To repeat the mistakes of the past elections, is to willingly hand the country over to the hands of doom.  

Sadly, like Obari Gomba rightly posits, 'Nigeria's democracy is hinged on the assumption that the Office of the Citizen (a synonym for the masses) is the authority that determines all mandates. The masses have never determined any great change in Nigeria. Every shift or twist in the polity has come by the design of the political class; and that class faithfully serves itself.' This politics of the few must be corrected.

Having followed the PDP convention and the recently concluded APC primaries, it is safe to say the the crop of recycled leaders in this parties earnestly, are clueless to as how to deal with the enormous problems facing the country at the moment. In fact, their gibberish, laced with unrealistic and empty promises is a turn off. Why will a sane man for instance, even promise to build on Buhari's legacy? What is there to build on in the first place? Corruption of public office holders? Insecurity in various regions that has lead to the untimely death of many Nigerians? Agitations for sessesion here and there? The continuous depreciation of the naira? The never ending police brutality? What exactly?

In a century where nations of the world are leveraging on technological advancements and exploring space, some clueless presidential aspirants are promising to provide water and repair roads. You see, some things can only happen in Nigeria Politics.

The people of Nigeria have for long suffered from the politics of disillusionment and they must be deliberate in choosing who to deliver them come 2023. It has therefore become obvious that the recycling of leadership wouldn't birth any tangible solution. A critical examination of the system, nevertheless, reveals that it has starved the right mouths and withered the right hands from repositioning the country and Nigerians once again have 2023 to arm themselves with the right political mindset to effect the needed change. They must look at for competence, integrity and performance before any other thing. The era of vote buying and selling should be eradicated regardless. Let the delegates eat their cakes today and starve tomorrow.

Nigerians should be deliberate in actualising a nation that works for everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, and religion. The political potholes must be filled with the right hands and the lopsided political calculus must be solved by the right men.

Like Plato, we will always be governed by mediocres because the competent ones refuse to come into the political scene or are either not elected.

Dear Nigerians, you know the right men for the job. Choose them! Concientize yourself!

2023 is our boom or doom.


 Wisdom Chika Nwoga is a broadcast journalist and an advocate for good governance.