The National Institute of Credit Administration Nigeria [Chartered] and the International Partnership for Africa Development Scotland are partnering to organise a two-day summit on Africa’s debt.

A statement said the summit on sustainable debt and development conclave, has the theme, ‘Africa’s debt conundrum and infrastructural debt deficit: The quest for sustainable debt and development’.

It added that the event would be hosted by the London Postgraduate Credit Management College, England, in September in London.

The statement said, “Africa is squeezing under a crushing debt burden, unable to move faster in its development plans, making the conference a must-attend for all leaders in governments, politics, business, civil society, the media, economy, parliament, judiciary, financial regulatory institutions, subnational authorities etc.

“It is clear to every African country today that the African continent is inexplicably in need of high-impact initiatives to move its developments faster, free itself from the strongholds of debilitating borrowing conditionalities, and entrenched home-grown economic empowerment policy culture.”

The conclave, the statement said, would be structured in a format that optimised interactions, networking and practical experience sharing among the delegates.

It said there would be a combination of keynote presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions.

“This approach allows the speakers to make their respective submissions and receive questions that deepen conversations with conclave delegates,” the statement said.

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