Nigerian reality tv star, Uriel Oputa has advised ladies via her Instagram stories not to look down on any man, “Never look down on any man” she wrote.

This comes after controversial commentator, Very Dark Man was seen at an event looking clean and attractive, which led many ladies to gush over him.

Few days before some netizens had dragged and insulted Uriel for going live with him, she is now surprised to see ladies admiring the commentator.

Uriel, explained that ladies should learn to respect men, she also mentioned that she was not saying this because she is interested in him, but because people’s situation can change.

Uriel wrote on her story,

“So very Dark man is now entering your Eye!! Because he cleaned up Nice

Good for him, So I was crushed, insulted because I went on live with him.

Why are you talking to that guy!! Wait oh .. No be human he be? Now he is entering your eyes

Ladies learn to see beyond a man’s immediate situation, learn to respect a man in the Days of singlets and slippers

Because in his Days of shirts and shoes are not far off.

Before you ask, I’m not interested in Dating him

But, Never look down on any Man. (Never)

I’m so Happy for him.

See how una Dey just say ..

Omg omg his Hot.

You see in this life Do you”

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