The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Mowe-Ofada Unit, has called on all education stakeholders to curb examination malpractice in the sector.

Speaking during the 2023 Unified Private Primary Schools Examination, Mowe-Ofada Unit, Unit coordinator of NAPPS, Mowe unit, Mr Folorunsho Famiwo, explained that when learners acquired success through the backdoors, they would turn out to become quack professionals.

“To curb malpractice is not a task of government alone, but the cooperation of parents, teachers, school owners, and learners. If there is no cooperation from the four you cannot curb malpractice,” he said.

The UPPSE took place in seven centres in Mowe-Ofada including, Transformation Schools, Maxipotential International School, God’s Time School, Femant School, Divine Royal Academy, Bradford School, Lux Academy.

Famiwo who is the proprietor of Maxi Potential School explained that the UPPSE helped to test the intelligence of learners before they proceed to secondary schools, saying the government didn’t provide such examinations for learners leaving pry schools.

Proprietress, Transformation School, Mowe,  Mrs Mosunmola Komolafe, commended that conduct of the 2023 UPPSE, saying it had been successful.

“There has been improvement better than last year. The supervisors have all been professional and the 300 pupils posted here all conducted themselves appropriately.”

Head of Examination Committee, Mrs Pamela Somorin, of Gerar Academy, Mowe, said about 2,000 pupils from 225  schools in the Mowe-Ofada unit participated in the exam.

“We ensured the pupils don’t have to move far away from their school’s location. This exam brings children from different educational backgrounds. With this exam, as a school owner, you are able to examine yourself with your pupil’s performance.”

Head supervisor for the 2023 UPPSE, Mr Iyiolu Adeyefa, lamented that a major challenge was transportation, adding that the roads in Mowe were in a poor state.

“Moving the children on the bad roads to exam centres is a major challenge.”

Also, the assistant supervisor,  Mr Abdulwahid Giwa, explained that there were more participants this year.

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