Nigerian comedian and skit maker, Crazeclown, has taken to social media to lament the depreciated value of the stocks his father invested in years ago.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Crazeclown disclosed that his father bought shares worth N1 million in 2002 with the hope of providing a better life for him and his siblings in the future.

Comedian Crazeclown laments

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as expected, as the same stock is currently valued at N11,561 in 2023.

He mentioned that the stock company recently contacted him, and he was utterly disappointed by the current valuation of the shares.

Watch the video below,

His revelation has sparked a discourse online, with many netizens sharing their experiences with stocks investment. Some asserted that his father should have invested in landed properties as it would have been worth more now.

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@awas_though_room wrote, “My dad spent all his money investing in shares for all of us too. He saved and used his retirement funds for shares. Last I checked, it was nothing. I felt sad. I am happy his kids still turned out well. God bless his soul, I had a great Dad.”

@Ogasjosh wrote, “As at 2002 assuming he bought a land (that land with worth 20million or more today) that’s 21yrs ago”

@drdquest wrote, “Only invest in your child’s education… And abroad that’s all I can show off with”

@bankyneul wrote, “This also happened to my Dad… To buy Nigeria stocks at times don’t really worth it unless you are in it for the quick trades.”



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