Nigerian gospel film actor, producer and founder of film production company Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye, and his wife, Gloria, are marking their 35th wedding anniversary.

On Wednesday morning, Bamiloye shared his wife’s picture on his Instagram page saying she still calls him Bro Mike even after years of marriage.

He promised to break the ‘jinx’ before their 40th wedding anniversary saying, “Before we married, when we were in Courtship, she has been calling me what the brethren in the Campus Christian Fellowship use to call me: “bro Mike”.

“That is what everybody in the Christian fellowship called me. And when we got married, she didn’t stop calling me Bro Mike! Then we got our first son and we were shocked when the one-year-old boy called me: “aa-aa-yite!”

“We both tried to begin to call: sweetie! honey! baby!, sweatheart! MD!” It didn’t work out! One day, before my mum (big sister) who had been fighting this, My wife wanted to prove to my big sister that we had tried our best to adjust. I was upstairs and she called me in the presence of my mum: “honey!” sweetie!! sweatheart!!” She called and called and Ir didn’t register that I was the one she was calling.

“I was hearing her voice but it never registered. Then she just called “bro Mike!” And I responded very loudly. And my mum laughed! And that was it. And now, our marriage has been 35 years and all our children are married with children and she has not stopped calling: “bro Mike!” And I have not stopped responding!

“But I am going to break this jinx one day before our 40th wedding anniversary! I promise you all, I will break the jinx before the grandchildren begin to call me: “braaa-hightee!

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