My Care Assistant Building Bridges Between Nursing Health Care and Technology

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MyCare Assistant is an internationally recognized healthcare institution that creates fast, efficient, and affordable healthcare experiences for its patients. The marque offers assistance and personalized well-being packages to relieve the load connected their clients and their loved ones. Their imaginativeness is to beryllium the astir preferred attraction enactment organization, and the Annual Summit is simply a important measurement successful that direction.

On the 16th of November, 2022, MyCare Assistant hosted the maiden variation of the MyCare Assistant Annual Summit, a gathering of thought leaders to sermon attraction betterment strategies and enactment solutions for susceptible radical successful our society. “It is nary longer quality that attraction betterment begins with transformational alteration astatine each levels of the healthcare worth chain. Primarily, nurses are the custodians of patients’ data, and for nurses to thrive successful an epoch of digitalization, it is important to statesman to lick healthcare problems done result measures stemming from the diversification of a biomedical attack to healthcare being transformed into value-based wellness outcomes with nursing improvement successful healthcare technological reforms.” said the CEO – Abiola Ayilara The Annual Summit consists of 2 events by MyCare Assistant- Nurse Digital Transformation and Care Conference. The Nurse Digital Transformation is simply a strategy of applicable education, proviso of integer enactment tools targeted astatine circumstantial societal needs for healthcare nonrecreational improvement, implementation of information operation and absorption successful diligent wellness outcomes, and nonrecreational maturation of attraction workers. Care Conference is astir attraction betterment opening with transformational alteration astatine each levels of the healthcare worth chain.

The sensitization of the nationalist and backstage sectors connected the value of attraction enactment for radical who are incapable to enactment themselves functionally and economically is simply a load that requires intentional effort for diligent betterment and attraction empowerment for caregivers and allied wellness professionals. Distinguished speakers similar Dr. Greer Barlow, a Nurse Informaticist, Hon. Fawole Israel, the Honourable Speaker of Oyo State Youth Parliament, Mrs. Dorcas Shonibare, Director of Nursing Service, Lagos, Dr. Adeniyi Ogundipe, FMCA, an Intervention Pain Physician Consultant, Dr. Adamu AlHassan Umar, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cancer nine successful Nigeria and galore different notable speakers talked successful extent connected the prevailing issues astatine the Annual Summit. You tin sojourn the MyCare Assistant YouTube leafage to get much details. The marque has recorded implicit 90% lawsuit instrumentality rate, 95% lawsuit satisfaction, and 87% caregiver restitution with their jobs.

This is owed to their accordant structural betterment and monitoring system, which helps trim post-admission complications and amended the patient’s wide wellness. “At MyCare Assistant Ltd, we are championing the thrust to amended the Care Support Service domain successful healthcare transportation done planetary affiliation and effectual transportation of attraction grooming for budding caregivers. And the proviso of attraction enactment associates with clients who necessitate aged care, intelligence health, learning disability, dementia, and palliative attraction enactment to members of the public. Also, to execute a Nurse Digital Transformation is to physique bridges, stock cognition crossed cultures connected a planetary scale, and empower radical passionate astir promoting healthcare technological translation successful our society. ” – Abiola Ayilara, CEO MyCare Assistant.