Nigerian entertainment journalist Joey Akan, has reacted to Spyro’s comments on Shallipopi’s song, Elon Musk Boys.

Spyro had revealed in an interview with the Honest Bunch podcast that the lyrics to the song were a means to internalize fraud, as the devil worked best with suggestions.

Reacting to this statement, Joey Akan took to the microblogging platform and slammed Spyro for being a hypocrite who promoted Jesus yet dined at the altar of mammon.

According to him, Spyro’s biggest song was with a Wordly-adjacent artist, Tiwa Savage, as opposed to singing with another gospel artist like himself.

He added that the singer had no problem performing at wordly conventions or being signed to a wordly record label but would constantly berate his colleagues for their professional output.

He wrote;

“This boy, Spyro, received his biggest ever song by working with worldly-adjacent artists. He chose Tiwa Savage for a collaboration over his faith-based colleagues.

Chioma Jesus and Dunsin Onyekan lost out on the “Who’s Your Guy” remix.

He’s also signed to a worldly label and performs at worldly events, including an upcoming activation for Trophy, an alcoholic brand that caters to nightlife and wine drinkers.

But he never fails to ceaselessly attack his colleagues, their professional output, and their themes of escapism and realism. Add that to a collaboration with DJ Neptune and Iyanya, two ‘worldly’ music stalwarts.

He will also not grace his gospel podcasts but try to harness numbers from a “worldly” podcast.

Talking about how he hates the secular industry because he is “for Jesus.” While working in it, serving it, benefiting from it, and making a living out of it.

I call it hyprocrisy. Promoting Jesus, but dining on the lucrative altars of mammon.”

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