A popular skit maker, actor and activist, Debo Adedayo, aka Mr Macaroni, has urged entertainers to make the most of their celebrity status.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “If one is waiting to make money only from entertainment, then it might be a long wait. We all know the way the entertainment industry is. Today, everybody might be talking about one, and tomorrow, there might be another person on the scene. It is not as if the former individual is no longer a celebrity, but people find new people more exciting. One cannot always depend on the money one gets from being a star. The bigger question is− what one can do to leverage one’s stardom? That would entail doing more than entertainment. As a young person out there making money here and there, one can begin to invest the money one makes, not only for now , but for the future as well.”

Asked to share his thoughts about the future of content creation, Macaroni said, “It is the new ‘cool’. We are in the era of digital creation. These days, everybody is on their phones, watching one thing or the other. More people are coming into the industry. Everybody is trying to do one or two things for themselves. Content creation can never die, because as long as man exists, people will continue to create content. That’s because content creators get their raw materials from society. We are inspired by what we hear and see; as well as how we move. As we continue to live, we will always find inspiration.”

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