Nollywood actor and comedian Charles Inojie has criticized actresses who use Nollywood to hide their questionable sources of income.

In a recent episode of OAP Nedu’s podcast, ‘The Honest Bunch,’ Charles, best known for his role in ‘The Johnsons,’ stated that Nollywood is currently overrun with women he described as ‘daughters of Jezebel.’

Charles Inojie criticize

According to him, these women use the movie industry as a front for their dubious means of making money. He claimed that many of those who proclaim themselves as award-winning actresses don’t have any blockbuster movies in their portfolio and have terrible acting skills.

Charles stated that most of them sell their bodies to afford expensive cars and mansions, all while hiding under the guise of acting. He said they would never make it past the audition stage due to their inability to act.

Speaking further, the 52-year-old actor asserted that filmmakers are not the only culprits when it comes to demanding sex for movie roles, as some actresses throw themselves at them for movie roles.

In his words,

“There are some actresses who can do anything just to be in front of the camera. And when you meet a character who is not properly formed as the director or producer, he will fall. So, there are actresses like that. The issue of s3x-for-role is not just one-way. It is a two-way thing.

“There is also an army of Jezebel daughters looking for directors and producers to fall… So, the level of desperation among some of these girls is also an issue.

“That’s why they are quick to fall into the booby traps set by a lot of producers and directors with characters that are not properly formed; people who came from very shaky backgrounds.”

Watch the video below,

“Most of them won’t pass audition stage” – Actor Charles Inojie criticize ‘actresses’ who use Nollywood as a front for their dubious lifestyle

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