A marketing communications expert and Group Chief Executive Officer, Prima Garnet Africa, Mr Lolu Akinwunmi, has urged the Federal Government to merge the ministries of information and communications.

According to him, this would help the country maximise value and public information management.

He said, “We do not need a ministry of information that is separate from the ministry of communications because the two are so intertwined, there is no need to separate them in this modern time.

“There is urgent need for the redesign and refocus of the information ministry to enable it properly serve as the communications engine of the country, instead of just being the mouthpiece of the federal government.”

According to him, there might be a need for the new administration to engage marketing communications professionals to design and shape the country’s national image.

He added, “Marketing communication helps shape a nation’s image and reputation in the global arena. By effectively branding and promoting its unique attributes, such as its cultural heritage, natural resources, or technological advancements. Marketing communication can attract tourists, investors, and trading partners.

“Positive nation branding can lead to increased foreign direct investment, tourism revenue, and international trade opportunities.”

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