To create environmental awareness, cultivate and nurture young talents in the field of geology, Malami Academy, Nasarawa State, has established a Junior Geologists Club.

A statement noted that the Junior Geologists Club was founded to stimulate the interest of youths in the field of Geology and mining and to facilitate an orderly development of mining in the state.

Nasarawa State has one of the largest lithium reserves in the country.

The statement noted that the alluring resource had attracted a number of mining companies and interests.

The President and co-founder of the Geological Society of Nigeria (a corporate promoter of the Junior Geologists Club), Mr Uba Malami, underscored the importance of placing geological knowledge at the fingertips of the young, stating that it would elicit their interests in earth science.

He explained that the club-planting project of the GSN in Nasarawa would complement the effort of Gov Abdullahi Sule-led government to ensure that citizens get real value from lithium and other mineral resources.

Malami said, “We aim to equip these budding geologists with the knowledge, skills, and passion required to excel in their pursuit of earth sciences. Our goal is to prepare these enthusiastic champions to be comfortable in their environment and pursue academic excellence towards representing Nigeria at the International Earth Science Olympiad.”

Discussing the geographical scope which GSN intends for the JGC, Malami, who served as Chairman, Board of the Solid Minerals Development Fund, stated that the planting of the Junior Geologists Club in the school was historic.

“I am confident that as a Society, we have started what will become a nationwide club that will flourish in all secondary schools, and play a key role in the establishment of a national earth science Olympiad, stating that the old generation of geologists must rise to the challenge of providing needed mentoring of the younger generation of geologists.

“As a professional society of patriotic geologists who understand the global importance of Geology in the economy of nations, the GSN would deploy the club as a platform that will help to equip junior and prospective geologists with knowledge, they need to favourably participate in international earth science Olympiads,” he noted.

According to the GSN President, the establishment of the club in Malami Academy marks the first step towards creating a platform for young minds to explore and delve into the fascinating world of Geology.

Meanwhile, he said by harnessing their curiosity and channelling their energies into the earth sciences, the society hoped to ignite a lifelong interest in the field and inspire future generations of geologists.

“We believe that knowledge and education should be accessible to all, regardless of location or socioeconomic background. Therefore, our vision extends beyond Malami Academy, and we aspire to take this initiative nationwide, introducing the Junior Geologists Club to secondary schools across the country.”

According to him, GSN expects that some juniors will go on and develop an interest in the geology profession.

“They would discover nature, and discover for themselves a means of livelihood, and become scientists and play useful roles in society,” he added.



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