The Chancellor and President of CPTEC University, Prof Babatunde Adeyemi, has said low economic growth and financing constraints are limiting the ability of governments around the world to invest in infrastructure, education, health and energy.

He also said policymakers around the world were facing increasingly difficult trade-offs between fighting inflation, preserving financial stability and supporting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, against the backdrop of lingering uncertainties.

He said this during his lecture at a special convocation and conferment of honourary doctorate degrees on the 2021/2022 graduands by the institution in Lagos.

He spoke on the topic, Rebalancing of Nigerian Economic Policies in Tackling Current and Future Challenges’

Adeyemi also said supporting students with needed skills helps them compete favorably in their chosen fields.

He spoke at the occasion as the university marks its 20th anniversary.

He said, “Bridging the academic, professional and industrial expectation gap; supporting students with skills needed to compete effectively in the industry and stir the entrepreneurial spirit in the chosen field of study.” This is also, a particularly special occasion for CPTEC University because this year marks the Twenty Anniversary since our foundation in 2003.”

He urged the grandaunts to see the occasion as an opportunity to realign their academic portfolio with additional certification.

“I am sure you’re very proud of your graduates as they close this portion of their lives and prepare for their next steps into a new career. Though, to some of you, graduation or a day like this is not new, as you have experienced this exercise before now; we wish to encourage you to relive the moment again as another opportunity to realign your academic portfolio with additional certification.”

He added, “Graduation is one of those steps in life that defines a coming of age – the ending of one era of life, as a student or the one being shown the ropes, and moving on to a new stage in which you are a leader, a do-er and an achiever in the wider world. I’m sure many of you have firm plans and a good idea of what’s coming next, some of you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do next, a dream, and a lot of hope to get you there, and some of you are just amazed that you got to this graduation point at all”

 Adeyemi advised the grandaunts to be determined in other to survive the trying times ahead.

“Well, the coming times will be exciting, they will be trying but they will be all dependent on you and your determination. Life doesn’t usually follow the plans you lay out for yourself. You will all experience the highs and lows of life, the difficult and the easy and unfortunately, there may sometimes be times of too many difficulties and just not enough smooth sailing. Your true success will be defined by how you handle both of these times.”

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