Lotus Bank has announced its title sponsorship of the upcoming 10KM race in Abeokuta.

In a statement, the bank noted that the celebration was for the fostering of unity, fitness, and community spirit.

It stated, “The race is scheduled to take place in September, in the historic city of Abeokuta. Lotus Bank, known for its commitment to ethical banking, is excited to support an event that promotes wellness, sportsmanship, and shared aspirations.

“As a non-interest bank deeply rooted in ethical values and prosperity, Lotus Bank sees this partnership as a natural extension of its mission to empower individuals and promote business enterprise.

The Managing Director, Lotus Bank, Mrs Kafilat Araoye, said, “We are thrilled to be part of the Abeokuta Race. This event embodies the resilience and determination that both Lotus Bank and the participants stand for. It’s an opportunity for us to come together, challenge ourselves, and celebrate the spirit of community.”

The statement noted that the Abeokuta Race was expected to attract participants of all ages and fitness levels, fostering a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie.

It added,” With a 10km run through the heart of Abeokuta, the event encourages healthy lifestyles and underscores the importance of setting and achieving personal goals.

“Lotus Bank’s involvement in the Abeokuta 10KM Race aligns seamlessly with its values of ethical banking, prosperity, and positive impact. The bank aims to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams while making sound financial choices that contribute to their well-being.

“The title sponsorship further underscores the Bank’s slogan – Partner, Progress and Prosper through collaborations between the Ogun State Government and Nilayo Sports Management to bring the event to fruition.”

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