Stakeholders in the broadcasting industry have said the traditional broadcast media is dying in Nigeria.

They claimed the industry needs to be urgently revived by examining different business models across the broad spectrum of different platforms.

The stakeholders stated this at the Nigerian Electronic Media Content Exhibition & Awards, which was held recently in Lagos.

In her welcome address, the President of the Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria and Managing Director, Rwells Media & Advertising, Mrs Jibe Ologeh, said, “The essence of the event is to bring media industry stakeholders from within and internationally to buy, and sell, collaborate, aggregate and exchange ideas on content and also bring to fore issues and perspectives bordering on the Nigerian media industry, in particular, and across Africa as a whole.”

According to her, NEMCEA will be launching its creative academy initiative to ensure young and upcoming content creators are not left behind, and to allow them the opportunity to register their own companies to secure the future of independent media production business.

In his keynote address, the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, Nwifuru Ogbonna, represented by the Commissioner for ICT, Uzoh Okorie, said it was important to state the need for total enforcement of Nigeria copyright law to protect content creators.

“Content creators have contributed a lot to our Gross Domestic Product, creating employment opportunities for our talented youths and this is highly commendable,” he noted.

He stressed the need for the diversification of the Nigerian economy by increasing local content outside oil & gas, to strengthen the country’s currency.

“We must ensure that as we embrace technological progress and do not compromise on the ethics and integrity of our media industry,” he said.

On his part, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria, Emeka Ossai, said the content industry, especially terrestrial TV, seemed to be witnessing a downward activity.

“It seems Nigerians are more interested in what happens online with content,” he reasoned.

According to him, traditional TV is still very active globally, wondering why Nigeria seems to be in a different situation.

“If we accept the present reality of online being the major place where the activities will be then we are mortgaging that sector to be controlled of the entirety of the world instead of us controlling our principal media.

“Because Nigerians are not in charge of the internet, the type of content that will be put on the internet will depend on those who are in control of it wanting to be there.  But if we want to maintain our peculiar identity as Nigerians through our storytelling and the kind of content Nigerians make, traditional TV must be revived because that is where our regulators would be able to channel the focus on some of the content that we make,” Ossai added.

Also, the Project Director, NEMCEA 2023, and CEO of Eagles House Global Resources, Mr Alayande Stephen, said that Artificial Intelligence had come to stay.

“How do we then tap into such for our businesses and maximise the global revolution?” he questioned.

He further stated that the importance of audience measurement would come into play as one of the most important elements to determine real-time with data-driven proof.

The Director-General of Nigerian Television Authority, Salihu Dembos, said, “For the development of our society content is very important. NTA would do the best we can to ensure that NTA supports the creation of content and to this association.”

The President of the Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria, Mr Femi Adelusi, noted that the content producers were now well organised, “and to know that Nigeria is leading the way as far as Africa is concerned the way we structure ourselves”.

“There should be more support for content coming out of Africa and how to support local content and drive investment,” he added.

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