Livingston hit back to draw with Motherwell as Van Veen scores again

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Andrew Shinnie scored a precocious equaliser arsenic 10-man Livingston fought backmost astatine location against Motherwell to unafraid a 1-1 gully successful the Premiership.

Shinnie's 84th-minute strike, aft being acceptable up by skipper Nicky Devlin, capped disconnected a resilient second-half show for the hosts.

Kevin van Veen scored the game's opening extremity conscionable 2 minutes into the contention from adjacent range, equalling the nine grounds acceptable by Hugh Ferguson 103 years agone by scoring successful his 10th consecutive match.

Livingston's goalkeeper Shamal George was sent disconnected aft 43 minutes pursuing a collision with Van Veen extracurricular of the area, but the hosts rallied to unafraid a precocious point.

Mikael Mandron cushioned the shot down and Van Veen fired location from wrong the container to springiness Motherwell an aboriginal lead.

Despite some sides' information guaranteed and seventh spot being each that was connected the line, the crippled developed into an end-to-end affair.

David Martindale's broadside showed their attacking impetus arsenic they pushed for an equaliser earlier the interval, with 2 strikes from Stephen Kelly going close.

Motherwell's Jon Obika astatine  afloat  clip

Image: Motherwell's Jon Obika astatine afloat clip

A whipped transportation from Paul McGinn failed to find Mandron but the attempted clearance fell kindly for Van Veen, whose almighty onslaught was blocked earlier Kelly again went adjacent astatine the different end, lone for his effort to narrowly fizz implicit the bar.

As Motherwell tried to treble their advantage, Van Veen raced onto a looping done shot and was clattered by the onrushing George.

After initially being shown a yellowish paper and the emblem being raised for offside, a lengthy VAR cheque resulted successful referee Chris Graham consulting the pitch-side show earlier dismissing the keeper.

After the interval Livingston continued to propulsion for a leveller contempt their numerical disadvantage, with Anderson's deflected effort falling kindly for Luiyi De Lucas, but the defender's onslaught was good defended.

Much of the 2nd fractional failed to lucifer the archetypal 45's backmost and distant contempt the antheral vantage for the visitors ne'er becoming overly evident arsenic the hosts dug heavy to find a way backmost into the game.

Their persistence paid disconnected precocious connected erstwhile Devlin slid the shot crossed the container for Shinnie to thump successful the equaliser successful what is acceptable to beryllium his last location quality arsenic the club's captain.

A precocious changeable from Blair Spittal was dragged wide arsenic some sides were near ruing missed opportunities passim the 90 minutes.

What the managers said...

Livingston brag David Martindale: "I thought it was a reddish successful existent clip but I don't similar this regularisation erstwhile somebody's offside and you marque the situation and successful the aged days, I'm saying the aged days but six months ago, the emblem goes up and everybody other stops and the ref blows the whistle.

"I deliberation if the boy's offside - and I cognize the foul has been made - I'm not truthful definite the determination should inactive basal successful presumption of the foul. Maybe if it was utmost unit oregon excessive force, yeah."

Martindale was pleased with the mode his broadside improved arsenic the crippled wore on, saying: "First fractional we were very, precise passive, Motherwell turned it a batch and the beforehand 2 worked precise hard.

"I conscionable thought it was a wee spot of a Jekyll and Hyde show successful presumption of archetypal fractional excessively passive, making atrocious decision, not assertive capable and 2nd fractional I thought the boys were fantastic."

Motherwell brag Stuart Kettlewell: "I thought we did much than capable successful the archetypal half, I thought we were the ascendant squad erstwhile it was 11v11.

"I felt we got stuck down 1 broadside successful each onslaught we made successful the 2nd fractional and that's disappointing.

"Without trying to beryllium excessively blessed successful a concern wherever I felt we should person got 3 points and a cleanable sheet, I conscionable person to benignant of absorption connected the tally we've been connected which has been amazing.

"We were a agelong mode down Livingston erstwhile I took implicit 13 games agone and we're inactive sitting a constituent up of them and inactive got a accidental to get that seventh spot which is an astonishing accomplishment successful itself.

"I deliberation successful my clip and we've had a look astatine this, Rangers are connected astir 28 points successful the 13 games and we beryllium connected 27 points truthful that possibly speaks for itself."

What's next?

Livingston's last Scottish Premiership crippled of the play is distant to St Johnstone connected Sunday, portion Motherwell big Ross County.

Both matches footwear disconnected astatine 12.30pm.